Ph.D. Students

M.S. Students

  • Hyunsik Chae (2023.05–)

Undergraduate Mentees

  • Jaeyeon Kim (2022–)
  • Jinhee Paeng (2022–)
  • Gyumin Roh (2021–)


  • Soheun Yi (Undergraduate intern, 2022, SNU Math → CMU Stats)
  • Shuvomoy Das Gupta (MIT ORC) (Summer Intern. 2021)
  • Chanwoo Park (Undergraduate intern, 2020–2021, SNU Stats → MIT EECS)
  • Shuyao Li (Undergraduate intern at UCLA, 2019, HKU → Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Xinmeng Huang (Undergraduate intern at UCLA, 2019, USTC → UPenn)
  • Xumei Xi (Undergraduate intern at UCLA, 2018, USTC → Cornell)

For Prospective Students

Graduate students

Students interested in applying are encouraged to contact me to discuss the application process. Applicants should satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

Undergraduate interns

I am generally unable to advise undergraduate interns. However, I will make an exception if a students achieves a 1st place performance in my optimization or deep learning course.